Risk Management in Banks


This training will introduce the various types of banking risk and risk-based regulation. It will explain the current risk-based regulations and review the major risks faced by banks. The course will make extensive use of case studies designed to explore, examine and reinforce the concepts and ideas covered and best practice methodologies for the management of the five main banking risks.

Learning outcomes
• Major risk within the financial industry and the major international risk regulations
• The main features of the Basel Accord
• The interaction between risk types and how banks use an integrated approach for their management
• How to manage a bank’s assets and liabilities whilst maximizing return
• Best practice methodologies for the management of the five main banking risks
• Industry practices for adopting an enterprise approach to integrating risk management across an entire organization

Who Should Attend
Risk managers and analysts, senior management, IT & operations professionals, internal & external auditors, compliance personnel, regulators, business managers & team leaders.

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Έναρξη 06-05-2019 09:00
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