Certified Expert BIM "ce-BIM Specialist / Engineer"

TUV Hellas newSplits to 7 specialties (Architectural, Structural, MEP, Roads, Tunnels & Bridges, Rail and MetroLines and Subsurface Utilities). At this level, candidates are assumed familiar with the basic content similar to Foundation plus the design or authoring phase deployed in 7 different specializations (Architectural, Structural, MEP, Roads, Tunnels, Bridges, Rail and Subsurface utilities).

To ensure that the candidates hold the knowledge and skills of creating rich 3D BIM designs that are well-knit, which are adequate to be utilized as design and project management tools, and of applying the necessary QA/QC procedures that ensure the quality of contents.

Addressed to:
Specialized engineers / professionals working at a more technical/hands on discipline like BIM Developers, BIM Architects, BIM Engineers and BIM Designers.

General Information:
This new scheme, called certified expert BIM “ce-BIM”, is covering the skills for:
ce- BIM Foundation
ce- BIM Specialist / Engineer
ce- BIM Coordinator
ce- BIM Common Data Environment manager
ce- BIM Manager

Each sub-scheme of the Certification takes into account the requirements of ISO 19650-1 / 2 and UNI 11337 standards and correspond to specific target group of professionals having relevant background in the use of the BIM technology.

Certification of technical staff and engineers will be conducted by TÜV HELLAS (TÜV NORD) based on the knowhow and background of the BIM ACADEMY.

Moreover comprehensive training programs based on the vast experience of BIM Academy, will be offered to the professionals with the sub-schemes mentioned above, in order to prepare the ground for future competent BIM resources.

Στοιχεία σεμιναρίου

Έναρξη 28-11-2022 17:00
Λήξη 10-12-2022 21:00
Χωρητικότητα 30
Τιμή ατόμου Κατόπιν επικοινωνίας
Διοργανωτής TÜV HELLAS
Τόπος διεξαγωγής Εξ' αποστάσεως
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