Certified Expert BIM "ce-BIM for Executives"

TUV Hellas newParticipants at this level will be exposed to the BIM technology from a holistic perspective, taking them in an interesting tour to comprehend the technology components, best industry practices, BIM standards, regulations and workflows. The added value and return on investment will be among the topics discussed in this executive workshop. Overview of some successful international use-cases and the projection to the local market will be addressed to the audience. The legal aspects behind the adoption of the BIM technology, the challenges and difficulties the industry is facing going through digital reformation shall be part of the topics presented in the workshop. This executive training will be concluded by giving the attending leaders hints and tips on how to adopt BIM and pass through the different stages of digital transformation in their projects, departments, firms or organizations. The ce-BIM for executive workshop is delivered by one of the international knowledgeable professionals in the fields of BIM and construction digital transformation with more than 25 years of unique experience combining both the practical and academic perspectives of this technology.

Audience: This workshop is addressed to CEO's, COO's, directors, executives, management and mid-tier senior professionals who are involved in the real estate, infrastructures, construction, facilities and building businesses.

Στοιχεία σεμιναρίου

Έναρξη 22-03-2023 15:00
Λήξη 24-03-2023 19:00
Χωρητικότητα 30
Τιμή ατόμου Κατόπιν επικοινωνίας
Διοργανωτής TÜV HELLAS
Τόπος διεξαγωγής Εξ' αποστάσεως
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